firerock fireplaces


FireRock's bestselling kit fits together to form a traditional fireplace with an angled back for better heat reflection.


With a taller opening for larger fires, this style is great for homes with high ceilings.


This unit does not require ventilation and can be installed on a combustible floor, you can use FireRock's vent-free unit in places you never imagined putting a fireplace


A traditional style fireplace that does not require special structural support and can be installed on a combustible floor system.


This style allows for the architectural beauty of a fireplace in two rooms with only one flue. Also available in Vent-Free.

Our Products



Outdoor Fireplaces

The traditional fireplace look from FireRock. This product includes firebox, smoke chamber, and two or three feet of chimney is available.

Outdoor Arched Front Fireplace
This fireplace allows for an arched opening when using manufactured stone or thin veneer material.

Outdoor Oven

This outdoor wood-fired oven can be seamlessly integrated into and outdoor kitchen. Made from the same insulating materials as our fireplaces.

Round Fire Ring
Add a fire feature to a homeowners's project very inexpensively, and veneer to match the surroundings. Available with risers to raise height


Square Fire Pit

Use a square version of a firepit when custom sizes are needed. Available up to 6 feet square.